CURRENT SERIES (April – June 2020)


Currently we are beginning a 12 week series called ‘Partnership in the Gospel’. It’s based on a discipleship resource that we’ve been working on for a few months: a 12 week guide designed to take pairs or small groups through key areas of Christian life in order to deepen our understanding and develop lasting partnerships in the gospel.

The Resource can be downloaded from Dropbox by clicking here.

The idea is that over the next 12 Sundays our sermons will cover the 12 sessions in the guide, and then you will be able to work through the questions that accompany them. Ideally you would then get in touch with a partner or a group of partners to share and discuss your thoughts.


The topics are as follows:

1. Blessings from Above
2. Jesus is God, Lord, & Saviour
3. Engaging the Word
4. Praying to the Father
5. Empowered by the Spirit
6. Fruitfulness in Christ
7. Pursuing Holiness
8. Struggling with Sin
9. Church & Fellowship
10. Dealing with Difficulty
11. Living in the World
12. Practising Hospitality



Our sermons at HSPC are put online so that you may be able to stay up to date with whatever series we are working through. We pray that you will benefit from this as God speaks to you from his Word, by his Spirit. In all of these talks we seek to glorify Christ above all.

Simply click on the relevant series below to find info about previous sermon series and access to some more recent talks: