CURRENT SERIES (September – November 2021)

Our new series is all about the book of Exodus. Over the next year we’re going to explore the 3 main sections of this book, starting this Autumn with chapters 1 – 14 which deal with the Israelites’ time in Egypt as slaves. For about 400 hundred years this people group were held as slaves in a foreign land under the oppressive regime of various kings (Pharaohs). But throughout these generations, the Israelites were blessed by the Lord and so their numbers grew and grew. Jacob’s descendants arrived at the end of the book of Genesis, numbering only 70. But after 400 years there were approximately 1.5 million of them.

After all those centuries of waiting, the Lord had not forgotten about his promises to them, and so he powerfully begins to move in their midst, displaying his power and glory before all of Egypt. He raises up Moses, a man with a heart for the oppressed, and through him he forces Pharaoh to let his people go.

The series is shaped as follows:

5 Sept  // 1: 1-22  //  God’s People Under Oppression
12 Sept  // 2: 1-25  //  Raised for a Time Such as This
19 Sept  // 3: 1-22  //  Yahweh Reveals Himself
26 Sept  // 4: 1-23  //  Powerful Signs & Hints of Grace

3 Oct  //  5: 1-23  //  Struggle, Doubt & Anger
10 Oct  //  6: 1-13  //  A Promise of Redemption
31 Oct  //  7: 1-25  // Signs and Wonders: Part 1

7 Nov  //  9: 13 – 10: 22  //  Signs and Wonders: Part 2
14 Nov  //  12: 1-32  //  The Passover
21 Nov  //  14: 5-31  //  Mighty to Save


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