As part of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland we adhere to the Westminster Confession of Faith. This document contains core Christian beliefs that help as guideposts guarding against error.

We believe in one Godhead, comprising of three persons of one substance – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Central to our belief is that Jesus of Nazareth is the son of God, who was sent into the world to save the world from their sins through his death on the cross and his resurrection to life. And through the power of the Holy Spirit, God draws us into relationship with him where we put our faith and hope in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, granting us the free gift of eternal life.

We believe that God made all men and women in his likeness and is not far from any of us if we truly seek him, for he seeks us.

We believe God loves each man, woman and child equally and seeks the best for them through them coming to know him, and those who know him to know him better.

We believe in God’s truth as expressed in his word, the bible, and when such truth is spoken with gentleness and humility, read or heard with openness, it opens the doors of our hearts for God to change us and bring us close to him to enjoy him and live for him.

We believe God calls us to be part of his family. Locally that family is called a church, where people help one another to know God better, and serve God by expressing his love to the wider community by friendship, help and care, and sharing their faith.

We believe in the baptism of children of believing parents.

We also agree with the central truths outlined by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.