At HSPC we would love to welcome you into church membership. Church is certainly open to anyone whether member or not, but we encourage anyone who attends regularly to consider joining our church family on a more official basis. The reality is we have often thought of membership like belonging to a select club where “membership has its privileges.” That is not the way the Bible refers to membership.

To be a member is like being part of a loving and caring family, with Jesus Christ at the head. In this family each person is valued and accepted. Being a family means we should relate closely to one another and seek to encourage and build each other up. Relating to one another in such a caring and dynamic way is what we earnestly seek to be as a church.

Some come to faith in church, some rededicate themselves. For Christians, joining a church helps us to grow and become spiritually mature in Christ. God has given each one of us different gifts and abilities to use in his service. Knowing we are valued and realizing the strength and grace that comes from being united to each other in Christ, we can greatly appreciate and develop together the “one-another” nature of church membership.