From January 2020, until the Coronavirus pandemic interrupted our Sunday services, we began a new sermon series on the topic of prayer.

At the start of another year, we wanted to think through what God’s vision was for us as a church family in High Street. The early church believers in Acts 2: 42 – 47 were so moved by the Spirit and so touched by God during Pentecost, that they rearranged their priorities around the most important things: God’s word, fellowship and prayer.
And as a result, they saw the Lord transform their community into a fruitful, dynamic, generous and awe-filled gathering where people were encouraged, supported, and cared for.

At HSPC we want to try and learn from the example of our early church brothers and sisters by becoming ‘devoted’ to God’s word and to prayer. So over the first few months of 2020 we spent our Sunday mornings looking at the theme of prayer in God’s word.
We traced prayer through the Bible… Old Testament and New.
We asked questions like: What is prayer? How do I pray? Why bother praying?
We looked at characters who were real prayer warriors like Daniel and Paul and learned from their example.
And ultimately we looked at Jesus’ prayer life and asked: What did he pray? Why did he pray? How did he prioritize prayer in his life? And what did he teach about prayer?