Our new sermon series for 2018/19 is through the book of Acts in the New Testament. Last year, we journeyed through the story of the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus using the Gospel of Matthew as our guide. And so now, we are carrying on this story by looking at what happened next.

Jesus is about to leave his disciples to return to be with his Father in heaven, but before he leaves, he issues them a command to go out into their towns and cities, into the countryside and ultimately to the ends of the earth. And what is their mission? To proclaim the gospel truth concerning Jesus Christ.

So over the next 8 months we shall be moving slowly through this incredible story, observing the exponential growth of the early church, learning from the fiercely courageous efforts of those early day believers (often in the face of extreme persecution), and we will hopefully begin to realise the significance of the power of the Holy Spirit who enabled these simple followers of Christ to carry out the work of Jesus in the world.

Join us as we journey through the Acts of the Apostles; as the Lord continues to reveal himself to us through his word; and as we ask the question, “what does the book of Acts mean for the church of today?”