Family Church is our monthly energetic, engaging, fast-paced and fun-filled service for parents and children of a primary school age or lower.

It’s an opportunity for parents to bring their kids along to learn about God and the Bible in a very child-friendly setting. We have games, crafts, children’s songs, memory verses, stories, dramas and snacks! It’s a very relaxed atmosphere with tea/coffee served throughout for the parents, while the kids are gathered at the front of the room, learning things and being challenged and stimulated by our team of volunteers.

Each month we focus in on a story or a character from the Bible and we share either through story or drama. We then reinforce the message by singing songs, teaching a memory verse, making a craft, and asking questions in a quiz at the end of our time together.

Family Church starts at 3pm and requires no booking or signing up beforehand. Simply turn up and join in.

The sessions always run until around 4.30pm.

We hope to see you and your family there!

The next one is Sunday 29th May 2022.